About Fiona Thompson

I grew up gardening with my grandmothers, mostly picking their cherished flowers, but also absorbing their wisdom and plant knowledge. I have always had a garden, or at least commandeered a corner of someone else’s. I can’t image not ever having one.

After twenty-five years as a veterinarian and raising a family, it was time to stop procrastinating, put my impending mid-life crisis to good use, and enrol in the Post-Graduate Certificate in Garden Design at Burnley College, Melbourne.

I have been informally designing garden spaces for friends and family for more than a decade.  My own gardens have ranged from suburban plots to rural properties, from Perth to Melbourne. They inspire, frustrate, and soothe me, often in equal measure. Gardening still remains cheaper than therapy.


Gold Award in the AILDM 2016 Landscape Design Awards (Recent Graduate Competition)