What I can do for you

photo by  Zoe Eley

photo by Zoe Eley


This initial meeting usually takes 2-3 hours. We will discuss the garden you have, the changes you’d like to make, plants and materials you’d like to include and how these might suit your space. This is the beginning of your unique Client Brief.

The fee is $250 and includes travel within 50km of my office and a written summary.

Site Analysis

During site analysis I collect and interpret data on soils, microclimates, hydrology etc. to determine the advantages and limitations of the project site. This assists in plant and material selections. I also research local council regulations and heritage overlays.

Site analysis fee is $250 (waived if you proceed to MLCP).

Master Landscape Concept Plan (MLCP)

The MLCP is a series of 2D images and 3D models showcasing my design response to both the Client Brief and Site Analysis. The MLCP doesn’t contain highly specific detail but it does offer plant and material options suitable for your site, and possible layout options.

The fees for MLCP start at $2000, depending on the size and complexity of the site. This includes the Site Analysis fee.

Documentation Plans

Documentation Plans are a set of detailed technical drawings providing the specifications required for the construction of your new garden, essential for landscaping contractors.

The fees for preparation of Documentation Plans start at $2500, depending on the size and complexity of the site.

Follow Up

To ensure that you are happy with your new garden I offer a complimentary follow-up visit six months after installation.

Additional services offered: (optional)
• sourcing required plants
• on-site plant layout as per working plans
• site supervision during implementation

If you don’t require a new garden design, I will happily meet with you in your existing garden to discuss renovation or restoration ideas and options.

Contact me at fionathompson@westnet.com.au for further information or to schedule a consultation.